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The Real Debt Guy

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Project Description

Impartial, fact-based information that makes a genuine difference in people’s lives. That’s The Real Debt Guy. No nonsense, no jargon. Just clear and simple information about debt.

The founder of TRDG has been studying, researching and providing information and fact-based opinions on debt to the general public for over 15 years. Genuinely passionate about helping people understand complicated financial issues and making a difference, TRDG wanted to create a hub of information where they could share knowledge with those who need helpful and clear insight.

Getting in touch with Abstrakt, we supported TRDG with their verbal and visual brand and made their idea a reality with a website that simplifies complicated matters - from straightforward, open and mindful design to slick, intuitive development. It was crucial that everything about The Real Debt Guy's branding, language, content and visual aesthetic put its audience at ease.

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Key features we like

Nice illustrations
Great use of fonts
Refreshing branding
Great use of colours
Fast speed
Craft integrations
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