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You can add numbers. You have to connect people. Especially in the business area in which Sazun operates – Mergers & Acquisitions – numbers (and elbows) often rule. Sazun knows the value of numbers and the added value that good human connections create. As professionals in the field of M&A, they are so damn good that they simply do business differently for themselves: instead of hostile takeovers, there are partnerships with foresight.

The plus becomes the central element of branding. We integrate the added value of the Plus directly into the logo in the form of headlines as a variable component. Clarity and transparency are not only found in the design, we also take the time to spell out the industry-standard abbreviation M&A as Mergers & Acquisitions. Clean font, clear colors and nails in every headline. The photo style matches the team's appearance: surprisingly approachable and authentic. The branding is high-quality and serious in a world that is about a lot of trust. And he is so likeable and credible that people are happy to invest this trust in Sazun.

Key features we like

Clean font
Clear video & motion Design
Minimal colours
Refreshing branding
Fast speed
Craft integrations
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